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Wall paint company in india is the best wall paint company which offers the best durable wall paint.
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Ajantha Solvents is an ISO certified company, ranks amongst the leading medium sized conglomerates on the horizon of paint industry. With the progressive growth it has made,ever since its inception, today it is a star that has come to stay in the galaxy of paint manufacturing units.Emitting the glow and radiance in the form of quality products and services.

Ajantha solvents could be best defined or described before all else as a genuine expression, bringing to fruition the sum total of hard work, dedication, commitment, conviction and application of science at its best by a group of enterprising and highly motivated professionals, with strict and uncompromising adherence to quality.

The group is well poised to compete with the best in the paint industry and soar to even bright future, on going in the persuit of excellence. The group is engaged in diverse carefully select business activities, with the common factors being limitless growth prospects, long term demand potential and up market targets, clientele and business strategy of responding to emerging market needs by applying State- of - Art - Technology.

'Wallmaax' the most ambitious project the group has embarked on is manufacturing world class Emulsions, Distember and Undercoat paints in the most advanced raw materials manufactured by THOR, ELEMENTS, BASF, VISEN industries, KMML etc.

The company feels honoured to have recieved the most treasured gifts: the Trust and satisfaction of customers, close rapport with the dealers and constancy of demand placed by the public.

Ajantha Solvents holds its both current potential business associates in high esteem and regard them as a previleged class and takes particular pleasure in presenting them this illustrated compilation of 'Wallmaax' range of products.

If joy and satisfaction is the choice and movement towards that which is right then choosing ‘Wallmaax’ is right indeed. Service at Ajantha Solvents is a promise…. and promise is meant to be kept.

Wall Painting

Wallmaax Emulsion

Wallmaax Emulsion paints have a matt finish. It is formulated for reduced environmental impact and health risks in comparison with standard acrylic or vinyl emulsions. Being solvent free, it has very low odour in application and drying. It has excellent covering properties and is easy to apply.

Wall Painting

Wallmaax Undercoats

Wallmaax undercoats have special features that are easy brushing, excellent covering, alkali resistance, quick drying and good sealing properties. It is specially fortified with fungicides. Wallmaax Acrylic Wall Putty is water based putty. It is one of the best product of its kind available in the market.